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Keeping you warm and comfortable

It’s all about keeping you warm, comfortable, and safe. New England winters can be brutal. Winter heating bills can often make the cold weather’s bite even worse. But staying warm shouldn’t be a choice. No one should have to choose between paying a heating bill and other living expenses.

That’s where Action Inc.’s Energy Services department can help.

Our Energy Services programs are designed to keep you comfortable in your own home and to save you money. We’re here to make sure accessing these programs is easy. All you need to do is contact us to apply or fill out this form to request more information.

Looking for resources across Massachusetts? This Cold Relief Brochure can tell you more about energy assistance programs throughout the state.


Energy Energy Services

Fuel Assistance

Help with heating costs

Help with water/sewer bill

Help with utility discounts and payment plans

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Energy Efficiency


Home energy assessments

Upgrades for inefficient appliances

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Regional, statewide, and national energy advocacy

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Having an impact in our community

“Action Inc.’s leadership is making a real difference, not only when it comes to public policy, but also in saving energy on a house by house basis.”

Bruce E. Tarr
Massachusetts Senate Minority Leader


households received emergency heating assistance last year

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local contractors/vendors worked with Action Inc. through our Energy programs

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units in 1-4 unit buildings were directly improved by Action Inc. Energy staff


units in multi-family buildings were improved through energy efficiency work overseen by Action Inc.

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Jenn Schmorrow

Director of Energy Advocacy & Benefits Programs