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Community ServicesShort-term Mortgage & Rental Assistance

Financial help for renters & homeowners

Action Inc. is currently offering short-term rental & mortgage assistance to households who are experiencing financial difficulties. Assistance is based on your current income and housing situation.

This  funding has been made available in part by the City of Gloucester Community Preservation Act, the Manchester Affordable Housing Trust, the Ipswich Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and the Town of Rockport Community Preservation Funds.

How to apply

Call the Main Office at 978-282-1000 to complete an intake. After the intake, you will meet over the phone or in person with a Community Services Navigator who can help determine what assistance you might qualify for. Assistance is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

To be eligible for assistance, you must live in Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester, Essex, or Ipswich.

Español: puede dejar el mensage en español al número 978-282-1000 y un representante que habla español le regresará su llamada.

Português: pode deixar sua mensagem em portugues no numero 978-282-1000 e uma pessoa retornara sua chamada em portugues.

Documents you'll need

  • Proof of household income (e.g. pay stubs for the past 30 days for all household members). Self-employed workers can provide bank statements, 1099 form, or tax return.
  • Copy of current lease, rental agreement, written statement from landlord indicating rent amount and address of unit, or mortgage statement.
  • Copy of identification (i.e., license, passport, etc.).

Documents can be provided electronically as photos, PDFs, etc.

Contact us for more information

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  • You must live in Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester, Essex, or Ipswich to be considered for this program.