StoriesMeet Taylor Allen

Amidst the ongoing mental health crisis, particularly impacting homeless communities, we are excited to introduce our new Mental Health Clinician, Taylor Allen. Taylor joined our team in May, bringing her expertise after receiving her master’s degree in social work at Salem State University.

With a profound interest in the mental health field, Taylor approaches her role eager to make a difference in the lives of the community we have been dedicated to serving since 1965. She recognizes the challenges that lie ahead and is determined to overcome the numerous barriers, aiming to truly understand the individuals involved in each case. That is the aspect of this job that motivates her the most.

When asked about the state of mental health services in the homeless community, Taylor expressed concern, saying, “There is definitely a lack of resources, and I wish we had more to offer our clients.” She emphasized the importance of working with this vulnerable population, acknowledging the hardships they face, including homelessness, addiction, and mental health issues. For her, it’s crucial to address these challenges directly, and having clinicians in such settings is essential to providing the necessary support to individuals enduring difficult circumstances.

Taylor says that mental health care in homeless communities is moving in a positive direction overall. “Thankfully, we’ve made progress from the past. Just a few years ago, individuals with mental health conditions would often end up in jail for their wrongdoings. But now, we need to ask ourselves, what led them to such actions in the first place?”

She explained that there is always a deeper root cause, and simply throwing someone in jail won’t fix the issue. “Instead, they should receive the necessary treatment and support they require. We must consider whether it’s a mental health issue, a substance abuse problem, or a combination of both, and address it accordingly. There’s always more to the story than a mere jail sentence, and these are the critical topics that must be openly discussed. I’m relieved to say that progress is finally being made,” she said.

As Taylor steps into her role, she offers a lifeline and determination, emphasizing the urgent need to raise awareness about the challenges faced by homeless individuals and the significance of providing them with the necessary support and care they deserve. With her expertise and passion, Taylor exemplifies the progress and dedication needed to address the mental health crisis and create a brighter future for the community we help serve.

Great to have you onboard Taylor!