StoriesMeet Surelly Sosa

Meet Surelly Sosa

Surelly is an inspiring graduate of our Adult Education program.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Surelly moved to the United States on January 26th, 2016, with her two boys Andry and Byron. She recalls the day vividly, as it happened to be during one of the biggest winter storms the area had seen in years. “The snow was piled up so high it reached the house windows!” Surelly said.

On arrival, Surelly thought she knew enough English to get by, but in reality, she struggled to understand anything people were saying and found herself feeling frustrated and Isolated. That all changed when her son became sick and had to wait for hours in the emergency room for a translator. This experience motivated her to start taking Adult Education classes at Action Inc., a program she had heard about while temporarily living with her mother.

Surelly said, “It was a slow process at first, but thanks to the dedicated teachers and staff at Action, I was eventually able to feel more comfortable speaking and communicating in English.”

Michele Ameno, the Adult Education program manager noticed her fast progress and moved her up to the intermediate level after just a few weeks in the beginner class. Over the next few years, Surelly continued her studies with Action Inc. and received her HiSET diploma. She also became a U.S. Citizen.

She has now been working at a local bank for over two years and recently became the Senior Teller.

Her husband, Beato, joined his family in the States in 2019 after not seeing them for three years. He would follow in his wife’s footsteps and enroll into the Adult Education program. Now Beato runs his own local business, AB Barber Shop, named after their two boys Andry and Byron.