StoriesMeet Natalia Douglass

Natalia is a clothing designer who operates pop-up store Detali. Located at 206 Main Street in Gloucester, Detali is a small store front with big promise. Natalia started designing her clothes in Ukraine, her homeland, when she was a child. She quickly learned the ins and outs of the fashion world and knew she wanted to make her clothing sustainable. This is when Natalia started upcycling clothes, which is taking old or discarded clothing and making them into something newer, stronger, and more beautiful than before.

Natalia applied for Project Pop-Up, a program that helps people follow their dreams by giving them a store front to sell their items and gain traction in their desired industries. Detali changed from a dream to a reality when Natalia was selected as a finalist for the pop-up shop.

Natalia has now been operating Detali on Main Street for over 6 months. She has collaborated with many Ukrainian based artists, and presents their handmade designs at Detali “With them being on schedule between electricity shut offs, we still make it work. Even if it takes a long time for it to get here, I know I am helping them by keeping their minds off the terrible things that are happening. The creative process truly helps take your mind off the tragedy, shock, and warfare.” Natalia said.

Natalia’s entire family is still in Ukraine. Her mom Tatiana, is a very big part of Detali, shipping items and working directly with the Ukrainian-based artists. Her niece Taya, who is 16 years old, helps with the website, photography, and graphics at Detali. “We are family, we are a team!”, said Natalia.

Natalia has visions for Detali, and hopes they rub off on the fashion industry as a whole. “The damage has already been done, I mean the fast fashion and the pollution caused by it is enormous, there is really no coming back from it. Nature does not like waste, and we shouldn’t either. Making clothes that will last longer, be sustainable, and be sexy at the same time is the future of designing clothes. Overall, that is what Detali stands for.”

By shopping at Detali, you are supporting Ukrainian artists. Stop in Wednesday-Saturday from 11am-6pm, and Sunday 12pm-5pm. Detali is also hosting events every Thursday night with live music and soft drinks starting at 5pm.