Action Inc. COVID-19 Update

To ensure the safety of our clients and staff, and to help efforts to prevent wider transmission of COVID-19, Action Inc. will be closing both our Main Office and Energy Office, and imposing restrictions on our programs for a period of two weeks, effective March 17th.

Under guidance from the City of Gloucester and numerous state agencies, our Emergency Shelter will remain open, however it is currently operating at full capacity. Further updates will be posted if the situation changes.

Making the best use of phone, email, and internet, we will continue to operate as many programs as possible, while reducing person-to-person contact. We know people will be in need, and we are taking steps to ensure we are able to continue to serve our community during this tough time. Our phone lines will remain open, and we will be available to assist via online chat.

If you have questions about our programs or need assistance, please call 978-282-1000, or visit our website,, to live chat with our team.

What can you do to help? In addition to following state and local directions regarding reducing the risk of spread, you can help by providing financial support for our financial assistance programs. Many, many individuals will be impacted by lost income during this time and will turn to Action Inc. for assistance paying bills and purchasing supplies. If you can, please consider supporting Action Inc. by visiting

Joe McEvoy

Joe McEvoy is Action Inc.'s Chief Strategy Officer.

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