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Action, Inc. Education and Training Center Compass Classroom  Action, Inc. Education and Training Center Compass Classroom  Action, Inc. Education and Training Center Compass Classroom

    Dropping out doesn't mean you're out of options. Welcome to a judgment-free zone with staff who truly care about each and every student.

Action, Inc. Education and Training Center Compass ClassroomAbout the HiSET Preparation Program

Part of ACTION INC.'s Education and Training Center, the HiSET Preparation Program  provides alternative education and support services for disadvantaged young adults ages 16-24 living on Cape Ann, who have experienced barriers to success in the traditional school setting. If you've left high school without a diploma and don't know where to turn, we may be able to help you get back on track and successfully pass the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test, formerly GED). We'll also help you discover your career interests and address what's holding you back, working with you to create a plan for your future whether you choose to go on to college or pursue a rewarding career path.

Preparing for the High School Equivalency Test  

HiSET, formerly GED

Dropped out of high school and don't know where to turn next? It's not too late to get your equivalency diploma. You can do it, and we can help. Our HiSET Preparation Program is open to Cape Ann residents ages 16-24 with afternoon classes five days a week. We offer dynamic and engaging Math and English classes with additional History and Science instruction provided as needed. Our dedicated staff members work with each student to identify next steps, leading you through college and career exploration and connecting you to opportunities for paid internships, job shadowing, and employment.

Why Join Us?

FREE for eligible Cape Ann residents

Safe and supportive learning environment

Flexible class schedule

HiSET preparation book and exam fees will be paid for you

Learn in a small class setting with one-on-one tutoring

Career and college advising

Connect to opportunities for paid internships and employment

Field trips to local colleges and businesses

Transportation to North Shore Community College to take the test

Learn more and apply! Call 978-281-9682 or email today!

We enroll HiSET students on an ongoing basis, so contact us today to set up an appointment.

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What exactly is the HiSET?

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