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Meet Alexis.
She’s an inspiration to us. Alexis: COMPASS Program graduate

Alexis is graduate of the Action Inc. COMPASS program. COMPASS was created to help young people ages 16-24 pass their High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) through one-on-one counseling, tutoring, career prep, and more. Alexis recently took the next step toward her future and became a member of AmeriCorps.

Here’s more about Alexis and her experience with the COMPASS program.

What you’ll be doing over the next year?
I just started as an AmeriCorps member. I will be working at Beeman and Veteran’s Elementary Schools.

What can share about your experience at COMPASS/Action Inc.?
COMPASS helped me feel confident that I could succeed in school. The one-on-one tutoring at COMPASS is the kind of learning that works best for me. The instructor, Myk, is a great teacher. He helped me the most out of all the teachers I’ve ever had. He’s understanding and supportive and patient.

How has Action helped you reach your goals?
Without the COMPASS staff, I wouldn’t have joined AmeriCorps. Without that push, I wouldn’t have, but now I’m really happy I did.

What about your future are you most excited about?
I’m really excited to finish AmeriCorps and go to college to become a teacher. I want to become that person that kids can count on. In school, that’s what I needed most, and I want to be that person for them. One day, I want to be voted Best Teacher in the yearbook.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone new starting the COMPASS program, what would it be?
I have anxiety and I know how scary it can be to join a new program, but there’s no reason to be scared. Everyone is so nice and supportive and welcoming. You never have to feel like failing is an outcome. COMPASS gave me the confidence to be able to succeed.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
If you’re a student thinking about leaving public schools or looking for an alternative, COMPASS is the perfect place to go. School isn’t for everyone and leaving school to get your equivalent is nothing to be ashamed of. Not only will you gain school knowledge, you’ll gain life skills, help, and support. Put your trust in this program and you’ll be okay.

The COMPASS program is free for eligible Cape Ann residents. COMPASS is a safe and flexible program designed to help you pass the HiSET, determine your career interests, and set you on a path for success. We wrap services around you and your needs to help you get your life in a better place.

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COMPASS program graduates