Action Inc. to Preserve Affordable Housing in Gloucester

Gloucester, MA

Action Inc., the Gloucester based, non-profit, human service agency, is pleased to announce the successful completion of the purchase of a property in Gloucester on Tuesday, December 12th.  This strategic acquisition marks a significant step forward in the agency’s mission to preserve and expand affordable housing options in the Gloucester community.

The purchase of this property was made possible through a generous grant of $1,000,000 from the Massachusetts Alliance for Supportive Housing (MASH). MASH, a collaborative effort between the Massachusetts Housing & Shelter Alliance, United Way of Massachusetts Bay, and Corporation for Supportive Housing, recognizes the vital role that affordable housing plays in creating thriving communities.

The decision to acquire this property was driven by the shared vision of Action Inc. and the seller, who approached the organization with the goal of preserving the property as affordable housing. The collaboration aligns with Action Inc.’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the Gloucester community.


Key details about the newly acquired property:

Building Configuration: The property is comprised of 13 units, including 12 single-room occupancy units and 1 efficiency/studio unit.

Supportive Case Management: Action Inc. is dedicated to providing supportive case management services to all residents across the 13 units who call this property home.

Subsidized Units: Seven of the units are subsidized by the Gloucester Housing Authority, further solidifying the commitment to offering affordable housing options to those in need.

This acquisition is particularly noteworthy as Action Inc. expands its portfolio to include Single-Room Occupancy (SRO) properties, contributing to the diverse range of housing options offered by the organization.


“We are thrilled to have successfully completed the purchase of this property in Gloucester,” said Peggy Hegarty-Steck, CEO at Action Inc. “We were so grateful to have this landlord reach out to us directly because of his strong interest in preserving affordable housing. Things like this make a real impact on the affordable housing crisis we are currently facing. This strategic move not only allows us to address the critical need for affordable housing in our community but also signifies a new chapter in our mission to create inclusive and supportive living spaces for all residents.”

“Selling the property to Action Inc. was a decision rooted in dedication to our current residents and a shared vision of ensuring that affordable housing remains accessible in our community,” stated Farris Ajalat, former owner. “I trust that Action Inc. will be great stewards and provide additional support to the residents. It’s about looking out for our neighbors and passing the torch to those who will continue to prioritize the needs of those who call this place home.”

Action Inc. expresses its sincere gratitude to the Massachusetts Alliance for Supportive Housing for their financial support and commitment to building stronger communities.




About Action Inc.
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