Observing Juneteenth

On Friday June 18th, Action Inc.’s offices will be closed in observance of Juneteenth. In 2020, Action Inc.’s Board of Directors voted to add the holiday to the agency’s list of observances, as a first step in a wider effort to recognize and address the challenges related to diversity, equity, inclusion and access, both for the agency and for the community as a whole.

If you are not familiar with Juneteenth, please take this opportunity to learn more about the history and relevance of the day. There are also local events and activities in Boston and across the state you can participate in to mark the occasion.

Each year Juneteenth serves as a vital reminder that we must recommit ourselves to the important work of eliminating poverty and systemic racism, of building an anti-racist movement, and using our platform to promote racial and economic justice.

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Joe McEvoy

Joe McEvoy is Action Inc.'s Chief Strategy Officer.

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