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"No one should ever be forced to make a decision between heat and food or heat and housing or heat and healthcare." ~ Congressman John Tierney

Change Lives, Support Action

YOU can help change lives by supporting ACTION�s integrated approach to reducing poverty. ACTION's programs are successful because they not only help people in emergencies, but also provide them with access to opportunities for greater self-sufficiency and financial security. ACTION also collaborates with civic and business leaders to advocate for resources that are vital to the communities in Greater Cape Ann.


Tax Deductibility & Confidentiality

Contributions to ACTION are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and can take a variety of forms. All donor personal contact information remains confidential. ACTION does not sell or trade donors' personal contact information with anyone.


How You Can Support ACTION

Below are the numerous ways you can help to improve the lives of your neighbors.  

Unrestricted contributions: Unrestricted contributions to the agency provide an important and flexible resource that can be used to respond quickly where the need is greatest.  

Restricted/Designated contributions: Restricted or designated contributions direct your support to a specific program or project.

Matching contributions: Many businesses and professional entities will match employee contributions in part, in whole, or even in greater amounts. Make your contribution count by talking to your employer!

Memorial/Recognition contributions: Memorials and honorariums are contributions that celebrate the special people in your life. By donating in the name of someone you care about, you are acknowledging the unique quality of a loved one�s life, and in turn acknowledging the needs we all have in common. 

Pledges: Pledges allow a donor to contribute a specific amount over a period of time. Monthly, quarterly or annual pledges allow the donor to customize the contribution according to their ability and convenience.

Contributions of securities: Donors may realize substantial tax advantages by transferring contributions of appreciated stock to ACTION. Capital gains on the amount of appreciation are avoided, and the donor receives a tax deduction for the stock's full market value.

Contributions of real estate: Contributions of appreciated property may be donated to ACTION. Favorable tax treatment on such a contribution may be advantageous to the donor.

Deferred contributions: Deferred contributions in the form of pooled income funds, trusts and bequests are an important resource of private support for ACTION and should be arranged with the advice of professional counsel.

Contributions of cash: A great many contributions to ACTION are made in the form of cash. Every contribution is significant and appreciated, no matter the size.

Project Uplift Holiday Drive: Every holiday season, ACTION operates the Project Uplift holiday toy and clothing drive for disadvantaged children. Visit our Project Uplift page to learn about donating to this worthy program.


For further information on any aspect of partnering with ACTION please write or call:

ATTN: Marketing & Planning


180 Main Street

Gloucester, MA 01930
Tel: 978-282-1000
Fax: 978-283-0523

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