Action Inc. Releases 2018-2020 Strategic Plan

We are pleased to release our 2018-2020 Community Assessment Report and Strategic Plan! Our Strategic Plan will serve as a roadmap for our organization’s work over the next three years.

The plan is based on nine months of research, during which Action Inc. staff and Board members conducted surveys, focus groups, and interviews to learn about our community’s most pressing needs and concerns. We gathered input from everyone we could – from clients and students to police officers, religious leaders, and so on.

Through this process, we heard that housing, employment, and behavioral health are the top needs for people in our service area. We intend to work hard to better meet these needs over the next three years.

We have set ambitious goals for ourselves, such as increasing access to affordable housing and increasing access to employment opportunities on Cape Ann. By working with our partners and members of our community, we believe we can meet these goals. We also intend to revisit our Strategic Plan over the course of each year so we can remain responsive to developing community needs and to the changing world around us.

Ultimately, everything we have done and will do over the next three years is in the service of our mission: to create opportunities that promote a thriving Cape Ann for all.

We hope you will take some time to read through our Community Assessment Report and Strategic Plan to learn more about our community’s current needs and the concrete goals that Action Inc. has set to meet them.

Click the image above so you can read our 2018-2020 Community Assessment Report and Strategic Plan. Thank you to everyone who helped us with this project!


Peggy Hegarty-Steck

Peggy Hegarty-Steck is the President and Executive Director of Action Inc.