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Energy Services aims to address and improve the energy affordability problem common among low-income households. We strive to lower energy consumption and costs for the members of our communities that suffer most.

978-283-2131 Energy Services Office: 47 Washington St., Gloucester

How We Do It

We work to achieve our goal of energy affordability and efficiency in a number of ways --- by assisting with fuel bills, securing discounts from utility providers, weatherizing homes, repairing and replacing heating systems, exchanging old appliances with energy efficient models, and more. Perhaps most importantly, we provide our communities with the education and tools they need.

Outreach and Advocacy Efforts Elliott Jacobson

ACTION INC.�s Vice President for Energy Services Elliott Jacobson works at the state, regional, and federal levels advocating for energy conservation and affordability for low-income households. Over the coming years, Jacobson will continue with existing outreach and advocacy efforts while always looking for new ways to improve the energy situation in the State of Massachusetts.

Funding Sources

The programs offered by Energy Services are possible thanks to funding from the Department of Energy, National Grid, and other local and national organizations and utility providers. Our state administering agency is the Department of Housing and Community Development. We receive federal funding for our Fuel Assistance Program from the US Department of Health and Human Services, through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). LIHEAP is designed to help income-eligible households meet their immediate home energy needs.

US Department of Energy   US Department of Health & Human Services   MA Department of Housing & Community Development    Low Income Home Energy Assistance ProgramNational Grid

On behalf of ACTION INC. and Energy Services, Elliott Jacobson will continue to advocate for low-income interests and energy efficiency by:

Negotiating with public utilities, government agencies, and emerging utility companies and cooperatives in order to design, implement, and monitor energy programs

Sustaining relationships with electric and gas utilities in order to secure energy funding for the benefit of low-income people

Serving as a board member and maintaining relationships with numerous state and federal organizations

Continuing ongoing annual negotiations and initiating three-year (2010-2012) plans with gas and electric utilities

Attending the New England Conference of Public Utility Commissioners on behalf of the New England Community Action Association and the Low-Income Energy Affordability Network

Serving as Governor-appointed councilor on the Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Council, and as Secretary of the Energy Advisory Board, appointed by the Energy Secretary of the Federal Department of Energy

Continuing to administer the MTC Renewables Program, designed to provide renewable energy and repair services to low-income electric consumers, on behalf of Action, Inc. and in conjunction with Action for Boston Community Development

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